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Stable Color Product Reviews

Yes, I use Stable Color all the time. I actually love them, and I’m not even just saying that. Those pastel colours are my go-to guts colours, and those dirty greens are fuckin’ killer for zombies and realistic foliage- They’re the joint.

But, what I have a total boner for right now is that black! It gets the smoothest, velvety shading ever. I usually use my Silverback black for all that, but since trying it, I bust out that shading black separate.

My initial concern was that the colours looked so different outside of the bottle than they looked in the bottle, but now that I’ve used them and learned what their true colours are, it’s all good.

Stable, unlike a lot of other lines of ink has a lot of new and in between colours that other lines simply don’t have. They transcend a single genre of tattooing and I think showing that versatility is a positive thing.

People can get the basic colours from anywhere, Stable ink is ink for artists. It’s not run of the mill, it’s top notch, specialized stuff.

So yes- I love ‘em.

Sam Rulz
Two Hands Tattoo
Auckland, 1011
New Zealand

Being a part of Workhorse Irons I got the chance to sample Stable Color Ink pretty frequently. At first I didn't care for it's workability so I put a drop of green soap in my ink cap and like magic it worked. The workability wasn't an issue anymore. But since the first time I sampled it they have changed the formula a bit. And with the combination of textured needles and a punchy shader it works nicely.

With a pigment like Stable it looks real fluffy in the skin healed. A lot of the colors look light but when the tattoo comes back they are a tone darker and perfect for me.

I love the gun metal grey, blood red, mint green, but my all time favorite is the dead leaf. Looks dope in leaves and vines. I also love the lilac as well. The blood red is a nice and if you knock it down with pink it looks nice in roses. The lilac looks nice next to the dead leaf. Ok, I'm rambling you should try some for yourself and see what I'm talking about. Thank you for reading my review I hope you enjoy stable as much as I do.

Cory Rogers
TattooHouston TX

We all have our favorite inks, but Stable Color takes up the majority of mine. The consistency is sturdy, even, and steady. I find myself in that mental zone with a more natural, (albeit friendly), hand movement. Also, the strength of the pigment shows especially when healed. These inks heal incredibly solid!

And on a personal level... it's common knowledge the creation of tattoo inks has no regulation; they're just not controlled. So, it's nice to be able to trust SOBA and appreciate Stable’s commitment to more bodily friendly ingredients.

David Allen
Insight Studios

Nice, solid colours. Stable works very well for all skin tones. It goes in without any problems. I like the Blood Red, it has a beautiful rich tone. The orange is very nice and solid, the teal heals a little lighter but is nice and smooth, and the golden yellow is bright and solid.

The dark blue needs to be mixed with little white. Otherwise, the pigment is too concentrated. The magenta and deep purple work very well together. They heal bright and solid.

Overall, good inks. Like I said, the name STABLE says it all- reasonably priced as well. I would highly recommend Stable Color Inks!

Nu Cool Studios

I have been using Stable pigments for my entire tattooing career and one thing that stands out in my mind is CONSISTENCY! From the beginning, I was told that many artists were intimidated by them because they don’t run out of the bottle like water and when I used my first one, I understood why.

Quality and coverage. The opacity of these pigments is superior and with textured needles, I rely on NO OTHER! I have used many brands in different shops while traveling or doing guest spots. However, it’s always good to know that when I open my box or get back to my shop, its like coming home to an old friend. Like a loyal dog, they are always there waiting to do exactly what you want them to.

Grab any of the machines that are sold by Workhorse Irons and their featured builders, fill your tubes with any of the bad ass colors and prepare to make a pairing of a tattoo experience you WILL NOT want to end! Or, continue to sit around and wonder why your inferior tools constantly minimize your ability by stealing all the thunder you tried to give back to your clients! Great stuff guys, keep kicking ass!

Steven "Bomber" Neal,
Head Artists at Crazy Monkey Tattoos
Kalamazoo, Michigan

Stable Color pigments are serious inks for serious artists!...that is why I use it!

Body Armor Tattoo

I use it and love it. Every color seems to flow out and twist at the top of the ink cap like soft serve ice cream. I think there are different inks for different tasks. If I want some kick ass bold colors, I want Stable Color. Plus, there are so many kids on this vegan kick- its nice to accommodate to that clientele. Working in the tattoo supply industry, I’ve tried a lot of products. As far as I’m concerned, everything to come out of Workhorse Irons is top notch and I wouldn't go anywhere else. Hats off to you for having the love for the artist using your products!!

Nathan Ealey
Amber Island Tattoo

Last October, I was given the opportunity to try out a set of Stable Ink. My first impression was that there was a large variety of attractive colors. The ink has a nice thick, smooth and creamy consistency. When I got the chance to use it, it went in the skin with little effort. However, I noticed over the course of time that the ink would sometimes dry out in the tube while I was using it. When it did, it could become quite gummy, and would even bog my machine down at times. This was easily remedied with a dip in my rise cup, but on larger tattoos, having to do so felt inefficient.

After awhile, when my clients stared coming back with these tattoos, I was pleased to see that they had all healed quickly. They were solid, bright, and saturated.

Overall, I think this ink makes a nice addition to my collection. I enjoy having some premixed ochers, olive greens, and battleship grays, since my regular brand doesn’t offer these colors.

Melissa Baker