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Premium Workhorse Cartridges

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WHI Cartridges!

We are proud to release these new, high quality WHI Cartridges. We have been working towards this for quite some time now and we are very happy with the quality and performance of these cartridges.

Produced with the same needles and configurations as our standard needles, these cartridges are very consistent with numerous quality checks in production, ensuring a much higher quality cartridge guaranteed to work well for every tattoo.

- 1.125" Soft Ergonomic Cartridge Grip
High Quality #12 Needles on all Traditional groupings / #10 Bugpin on all groupings listed as Tight
- Easy Twist and Lock Mechanism to securely hold your Cartridges in place
- Cartridge Needles Packed 20 per box
- Cartridge Tubes Packed 10 per box

As with all of our products that we offer, these cartridges are designed by tattoo artists for tattoo artists.....none of the standard off the shelf Chinese bullshit many others are starting to offer.

Better tools make better tattoos.

**more groupings coming soon!!

Grouping Price Inventory Quantity  
Disposable Cartridge Tube (10) $13.00 Available
5 Mag $29.00 Available
7 Mag $30.00 Not Available
9 Mag $31.00 Not Available
11 Mag $32.00 Not Available
13 Mag $32.00 Available
15 Mag $33.00 Not Available
3 Round Traditional Liner $28.00 Available
5 Round Traditional Liner $29.00 Not Available
7 Round Traditional Liner $30.00 Not Available
9 Round Traditional Liner $31.00 Not Available
11 Round Traditional Liner $32.00 Not Available
14 Round Traditional Liner $33.00 Available
3 Round Tight Liner $28.00 Available
5 Round Tight Liner $29.00 Available
7 Round Tight Liner $30.00 Available
9 Round Tight Liner $31.00 Available