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Workhorse Rotary


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Workhorse Irons Rotary machines are designed in collaboration with Ugly Bill from Special Technique, built by SOBA and distributed by Workhorse Irons.

- CNC Cut Delrin Body, Iron Tube Vise, and Deluxe Workhorse Hardware
- Ideal for both Lining and Shading
- Long stroke, medium hit, with the power you expect from a rotary
- Voltage determines speed, dial-in to accommodate user preference
- Optimum operating range is between 3 and 5 Volts
- Run the motor clockwise for best performance
- Weighs in at a mere 3.5 oz!
- Now Includes a bottle of Workhorse Rotary Oil to periodically apply to your machine's drive bar and pivot bushing

*Certain Eikon power supplies will not run rotaries, when the duty cycle stays at 99 for more than 60 seconds they shut off. If you have one of these models, Eikon will supposedly upgrade the software in your power supply for you if you sent it to them.

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