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Aaron Cain Limited Edition Moku-Ti Bolt-Up Shader

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Aaron Cain Limited Edition Moku-Ti Bolt-Up Shader

This special run of limited machines is built on Aaron's bolt up base with Moku-Ti (Mokume infused with Titanium laminates) side-plates with a custom etched finish. High performing machines with Aaron's iconic aesthetics.

- CNC Cut Iron Base with Custom Blued Finish
- Custom Moku-Ti Upright, an innovative new material that consist of multiple Titanium alloys that are forged together by heat and pressure, and are then formed into a rod and twisted. This process forms the lines that you see in the metal itself. When heat-treated, the Titanium alloys respond distinctly to the heat, and cause multiple colors to appear.
- 1.25" Deluxe 8 Wrap Custom Black $2 Dollar Bill Coils
- Deluxe Blackened Hardware
- Vertical Rear binder
- Medium Speed with a Solid Hit
- 105-110 Hz @ 6 V unloaded
- Pushing 5's to 11's no problem
- Tough and Versatile, a true Workhorse
- Weighs 7.3 oz
- Limited Run of 2 Liners

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