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Limited SOBA Purple Birdman Liner

Regular price $350.00 USD
Purple Aluminum SOBA Birdman Liner

Special run of SOBA's featherweight aluminum Birdman Liners he built up at the end of 2019 before his 2020 sabbatical! Very lightweight, these liners are quick and zippy, plus they feature a swing-gate vise guaranteed to lock tight on any tube.

- CNC Aluminum Frame
- Swing Gate Vise with and Internal Spring for ease of use
- Purple Anodize Finish
- Blackened Deluxe Hardware
- Deluxe 1" 8 Wrap T-Top Custom Coils
- Very Light and Quick with a Solid Hit
- Great for Smaller to Medium Sized Groupings
- Pushing 3's to 9's easy
- Running 150 Hz @ 6.5 V Unloaded
- Super Lightweight at a mere 4.99 oz

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