Workhorse Irons

SOBA Speedballer Liner with Swing Gate

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SOBA IS BACK! After his 2020 Sobbatical, BJ is back building a limited amount of custom coil machines, working on new production, and now making rotary machines!


SOBA Speedballer Liner with newly updated frame design featuring a Custom Swing Gate Vise guaranteed to lock down tight on any tube, disposable or steel!

- CNC Cut Iron Frame
- Standard Workhorse Red Oxide Finish
- Blackened Swing Gate Vise with and Internal Spring for ease of use
- Black Workhorse Hardware
- 1" 8 Wrap Mini Coils
- Quick Speed with a Solid Hit
- Great for Smaller to Medium Sized Groupings
- Pushing 3's to 9's easy
- Running 145 to 155 Hz @ 6.5 V Unloaded
- Weighs 6.4 oz

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