Workhorse Irons

Seth Ciferri Weiner Dog Liner Ver 2.0

Regular price $300.00 USD
Seth Ciferri Weiner Dog Liner Version 2.0

- New Re-Designed CNC Cut Iron Weiner Dog Liner Frame
- New Improved Geometry with Improved Tuning from Previous WD's
- Drop Down Rear End and Drop Down Vise Allowing More Space While Maintaining Mini Geometry
- Standard Workhorse Red Oxide Finish
- Black Workhorse Hardware and Coin Thumbscrew
- 1" 8 Wrap Workhorse Coils Plus Capacitor Strap
- Medium Speed with a Hard Hit To push Larger Groupings
- Running 130-135 Hz @ 6 V Unloaded
- Pushing Loose 7's to Loose 14's Easy
- Weighs 7.2 oz

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