Workhorse Irons

Mike Pike Puta Negra Liner

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Mike Pike Puta Negra Liner

Medium speed machine with a solid hit that functions well as a great all around liner. Throwback frame to what is commonly known as a Blackie, plus a few Pike tweaks to the design and geometry.
Each come standard with the following features:
- CNC Cut Iron Frame with PIKE Stamp
- Workhorse Red Oxide Finish
- Standard Blackened Workhorse Hardware
- Over Under Rear Binder Setup
- Custom Designed Pike Vise
- 1.25" 6 Wrap Black Heat Shrink Coils
- Medium Speed with a Solid Hit
- Running 130-135Hz @ 6.5V Unloaded
- Pushing 3's-9's Easy
- Weighs 7.2 oz

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