Stable Color

Cool Grey

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Our new line is as the name suggests, a thinner version of our powder pigments we already offer, some of the colors are different, but the quality and care is of the same high caliber. Basically the pigment is combusted more allowing a powder pigment ink that goes in easy like a per-dispersed and heals out bright! Plus it's made with only appropriate ingredients, no acrylics, no solvents, no plastics.

Stable Color Inks have been researched and field tested to ensure quality and work-ability. The vehicle is made up of distilled water, 99.9% pure glycerin (vegan safe), and 99% ISP alcohol - No Surprises or Extra Ingredients. From bright solid fields, to pastel hues, to muted painterly tones. These inks are formulated for maximum flexibility, achieving the results you desire.

*Now Standard with New Labels that include a Full Ingredient List, Batch Number, and Expiration Date.

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