Workhorse Irons

FK RPG Ergo Click Adjustable Grip

Regular price $180.00 USD
Workhorse Exclusive Matte Olive Green RPG Ergo Click
- Fully Autoclavable Adjustable Cartridge Grip
-Tool-less disassembly allows the grip to be broken down into 4 pieces for complete sterilization with ease.
-Patent Pending Ratchet System allows easy depth adjustment while securely locking into place to prevent unwanted depth adjustment even with the heaviest machines.
-Tapered from 25 to 32mm for optimum comfort for all hand sizes
-Compatible with all major cartridge systems allowing you the freedom to tattoo with the needles you prefer.
-3mm center bore is compatible with all build in drive-bar style machines.
-Autoclavable Plungered drive bar included with each grip.
-Anodized for durability
**DO NOT Ultrasonic Wash!

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