Workhorse Irons

Adam Ciferri Limited Deluxe Pilot Shader

Regular price $280.00 USD

New Adam Ciferri Limited Deluxe Pilot Shader! Short run of Black on Black Pilots made from the limited run of investment cast frames we have. Same geometry as the standard Pilot, just a slightly different feel from these streamlined castings.

Machine Specs:

- Long Frame Machine with a Long Stroke and Slow Hard Punch
- Great All Around Shader
- Investment Cast Frame
- Deluxe Black Finish
- Black Workhorse Hardware
- 8 Wrap 1.25" Black Heat Shrink Coils
- Running 95-100Hz @6.5 Volts Unloaded
- 5-11 Mags Easy
- Weighing in at 7.5 oz

*For those that might be wondering, Pilot Liners are now built by Adam Ciferri as part of SOBA's partial machine retirement! Same quality, care, and performance the Pilot has always possessed, just built by another one of our highly qualified builders.

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