Workhorse Irons

Seth Ciferri Limited Edition BRASS Weiner Dog Shader 2.2

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New Limited Edition version of Seth Ciferri's Middleweight Weiner Dog Liner 2.2! Same geometry and size as the standard Iron version, but made of Navy Brass with a beefier base and spring shelf providing a reduction in vibration and overall well balanced machine.

- BRASS Machined Aluminum Frame

- Deluxe Light Polished Raw Finish
- Black Oxide Swing-Gate Vise Guaranteed to Lock Tight on Any Tube
- Deluxe Black Seth Hardware and Workhorse Coin Thumbscrew
- 1" 8 Wrap Taped Coils Plus Capacitor Strap
- Medium Speed with a Hard Hit
- Great For Color Packing and Whip Shading
- Running 100-105 Hz @ 6 V Unloaded
- Pushing 5's-15's All Day
- Weighing in at a mere 5.95 oz

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