Workhorse Irons

Limited Brass SOBA B&G Race Horse Shader

Regular price $450.00 USD

**SCRATCH & DENT SALE** - This machine runs great but has a few minor scratches in the upright, it is polished solid brass so it is into the actual frame and not just the finish scratching off. These Limiteds were $400, this one is the last one and is $100 off.

New Limited Run of B&G Race Horse Shaders machined from Billet Brass with Swing Gate Vises guaranteed to lock tight on any tube! These machines are setup and designed to run quicker and lighter, great for building up layers, doing color blends and portrait work.

- Lightly Polished CNC Cut Brass Billet Frame
- Swing Gate Vise guaranteed to lock tight
- Deluxe Black Hardware
- 8 Wrap 1" Custom Coils
- Super Smooth for B&G, Soft and Quick for Building Layers
- 115-120 Hz at 6.5 V unloaded
- 7.4 oz