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Limited Dan Kubin Hayseed ALUMINUM V3R Sidewinder

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Dan Kubin Featherweight Hayseed ALUMINUM V3R Sidewinder

Ladies and gentlemen, the V3R!! Same geometry as the original v3, but revisisted and remastered. This is the most user friendly Sidewinder yet. The differences, others than aesthetics, is the numbered stroke wheel, an impact screw timing mark on the cam and frame (like the v5-6) and o-ring notches on the bar for the optional silent hit. Additionally, I did a new spring loaded vice lock setup that effortlessly clamps down your tube. The stroke wheel is indexed in 10 positions, and numbered accordingly.


  • Custom Hayseed (Rose Gold + Tan) Anodized Finish!
  • This is the Featherweight version machined from Aluminum, weighing in at a mere 3.75 ounces!!
  • The renowned rotary liner.  Effortlessly sink any size line by just grazing the skin.
  • The motor is the same that I put in the  V2-V4 Sidewinder, which has proven the test of time.  It has been a favorite from my long time Sidewinder collectors.
  • Vice-Lock the easily tightens on nearly any tube
  • Great for all varieties of Line Work or as a Fast Shader/Packer
  • Timing mark on the cam and frame for setting the impact screw. (Just like the V5 and V6)
  • Numbered stroke dial so you can easily play with the stroke without fear of losing that sweet spot.  You can’t make it too long or too short

*For use with Standard Needles wrap a thick rubber band around the motor cap and across the front of the machine to add needle bar tension. For use with Cartridges wrap a thick rubber band around the motor cap and over the top of the armature bar to counteract the cartridge's upward tension.

For more info please watch the V3R Setup and Tuning Video: