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Limited Deluxe Mike Pike Bullseye Liner Kit

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Special Limited Edition run of Mike Pike Bullseye Liner Kits!

Kit includes all parts needed to build a great tattoo machine...but, it does not include the skills to build a great tattoo machine, sorry not sorry :)

- CNC Cut Iron Frame
- Workhorse Red Oxide Finish
- Deluxe Blackened Hardware
- Spring Loaded Swing Gate Vise
- 1" 8 Wrap Custom Soldered Coils
- Typically Running 135 - 140 Hz @ 6.5V Unloaded
- 2 Spring Sets with each kit
- All Screws you'll need PLUS necessary wrenches
- Washer Package including all washers needed... (steel, fiber, and shims)

Comes with or without our Armature Bar Fixture + Alignment Tool. Both are very necessary tools every artist should have.

Made in the USA.

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