Workhorse Irons

Limited Edition Nickel Plated Aaron Cain Bottle Opener Liner

Regular price $425.00 USD

Special limited edition run of Aaron's no longer available Bottle Opener machines! Built with Nickel Plated frames and hardware, plus custom coils. Only a few of each made, don't sleep on these, they will not be available long.

- CNC Cut Iron Mini Frames
- Light Polish and Nickel Plated
- Deluxe Workhorse Nickel Plated Hardware
- 1" 8 Wrap Custom Antique $1 Bill Coils
- Quick with a Medium Stroke and Hard Medium Hit
- Running 150 Hz @ 6.5 V unloaded
- Pushing 3's to 9's with ease
- Weighs 6.45 Ounces

And yes, it does actually open bottles :)