Workhorse Irons

Limited Edition SOBA Iron Rusto POWER Liner

Regular price $400.00 USD

Special limited edition run of SOBA Iron Rusto Liners!

  • CNC Cut Iron Frame
  • Custom Copper Plating and Patina
  • Matching Antiqued Copper Deluxe Hardware
  • 1/2" Wide Monster A-bar For All the Extra Push You May Need for Big Lines
  • Custom 1" 8 Wrap Natural Wire Reflective Fish-scale Coils
  • Slow / Medium Speed with a Heavy Hit
  • Great for Work with 7s to 18s or more
  • Running 120-125 Hz at 6.5 V Unloaded
  • Designed, Built, and Tuned by SOBA
  • Made in the USA