Workhorse Irons

Custom SOBA Deacon Shader

Regular price $400.00 USD

New model from SOBA! The “Deacon” is a mini version of the Pilot, redesigned by SOBA as a more compact version with all the performance and consistency you would expect. Swing gate vise, fancy hardware, custom coils, and black on black on black finish

Machine Specs:

- Long Frame Machine with a Long Stroke and Slow Hard Punch
- Great All Around Shader
- CNC Machined Frame plus Swing Gate Base / Vise
- Deluxe Black Finish
- Black Deluxe Hardware
- 8 Wrap 1" Black Custom Coils
- Running 100 Hz @ 6.5 Volts Unloaded
- Hard Hit, Slow Speed, Good for 5s to 13s Easy
- Weighing in at 7 oz

*For those that might be wondering, Pilot Shaders are now built by Adam Ciferri as part of SOBA's partial machine retirement! These Mini-Pilots are built by SOBA through the end this year, then SOBA will be taking a break from machine building for the entire year of 2020. Get em while you can, otherwise you may be waiting until 2021!