Workhorse Irons

Purple Custom SOBA Bolt-Up Liner

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Custom SOBA Bolt-Up Liner

This custom is from a special run of SOBA's customs he built up at the end of 2019 before his 2020 Sobatical! We have been slowly releasing customs through the year and this is the last of the secret sabbatical stash!

- HD Powder Coated CNC Cut Ductile Iron Base with Swing Gate Vise
- Anodized ALUMINUM Upright
- Blackened Deluxe Hardware
- Deluxe 1" 8 Wrap T-Top Custom Coils
- Medium Speed with a Solid Hit
- Great for Small to Medium Sized Groupings
- Pushing 3's to 11's easy
- Running 140 Hz @ 6.5 V Unloaded
- Weighs 6.8 oz