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SOBA Custom Distressed Copper Rusto Shader

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SOBA Custom Rusto Shader

This is one of the very few remaining full size Rusto frames in existence, copper plated with a heavy distressed patina finish.

- Copper plated CNC Cut Ductile Iron Frame
- Heavy Distressed Patina with Clear Powder Coat Finish
- Copper Plated Deluxe Hardware
- Custom 1.25" 8 Wrap T-Top Coils with Clear Fish Tape
- Medium Speed with a Solid Hit
- Pushing 5's to 13's easy
- Great for Packing in Solid Color, turn down a bit for Color Blends and Whip Shading
- Running 110 Hz @ 6.5 V Unloaded
- Weighs 7 oz

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