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AURORA Rotary Machine by Kajaste w/ Premium Kit

Precio habitual $1,350.00 USD
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Gold w/ 5mm Stroke $1,350.00 USD Available
Silver w/ 3.5mm Stroke $1,350.00 USD Available

Kajaste x Malm AURORA Rotary w/ Premium kit

New cartridge machines from our partners in Finland! Designed and developed by Jari Kajaste alongside globally acclaimed artists Torsten and Kätlin Malm.

These machines are amazing and quite interesting. Thanks to Kajaste Machines Stable Impact system, Aurora detects the slightest needle pressure change and instantly corrects the torque accordingly. You read that right, this machine automatically adjusts the impact as you tattoo so your hit stays consistent no matter the grouping, cartridge resistance, skin, or pigment.

This means you can move from one skin area to another or change your needle size drastically from a 3RL to 49MG and Aurora will instantly adapt the torque accordingly. Regardless of your technique, the skin area you’re working on, or the needle you’re using, the stroke will be consistent and the inks will go in in one pass.

Once you set your speed with your voltage setting, you achieve the same consistent frequency and impact quality during the whole session regardless of needle size, skin area, or battery level. This ensures precise pigment placement at preferred depth, resulting in flawless packing and consistent lines without gaps.

Auroras efficiency makes masters faster, without compromising the perfect accuracy and end result.

Premium Kit includes:

  • Kajaste Aurora Gold (5mm stroke) or Silver (3,5mm)
  • 2 Chargeable Kajaste high capacity standard batteries
  • Kajaste USB-C to USB-C cable
  • Grip adapter
  • Kajaste Grip (aluminium)


  • Extremely powerful Faulhaber brushless DC motor and our intelligent Stable Impact system that automatically increases torque as resistance grows
  • Consistent power and stroke regardless of needle size or skin area
  • Touchscreen; very easy and ergonomic to use while working
  • Kajaste Smart Touch enables audio control from the machine's screen via a connected device
  • Very precise tolerances
  • Quiet, extremely low vibration
  • Battery powered, can also be used while charging
  • Titanium plunger bar with changeable tip
  • Universal grip fitting that has a driver that interlocks our own Kajaste grip to a perfect angle
  • Compatible with most disposable tubes on the market
  • Direct drive
  • Max needle size 100+
  • Available in two stroke lengths: 5mm (Gold) and 3.5mm (Silver)
Perfect for all tattooing techniques
  • Consistent motor power and stroke even at low frequencies; work as slowly or quickly as you desire
  • Ergonomic and effortless to use, easy access touchscreen controls
  • Our Stable Impact system guarantees easy color packing and crisp lining with all needle sizes and skin areas
  • Works perfectly for all tattooing techniques
Less pain, yes gain
  • Significantly speeds up color packing
  • Causes less damage to the skin: easier and faster healings
It’s strong, and so beautiful
  • Aluminium body
  • Titanium plunger bar
  • High quality Faulhaber brushless motor
  • Powerful enough to drive even the biggest needles on the market
Safe and secure to work with
  • Easy and convenient to cover both the machine and the battery with our disposable silicone covers
  • Universal grip fastening that’s compatible with most disposable tubes on the market
  • Titanium plunger bar with a changeable tip
  • Both the machine and the batteries are splash-resistant; the machine and batteries can be thoroughly disinfected
Technical data
  • Faulhaber brushless DC motor
  • Intelligent Stable Impact system
  • Battery powered
  • Battery charging: USB-C
  • Max needle size 100+
  • Stroke length: 5mm (Gold) or 3,5mm (Silver)
  • Weight: 93g without grip

Made in Finland 🇫🇮

  • Designed and assembled in Finland, using high-quality materials and components that are always tested before and after assembly. Extremely long lifespan, and updates to the hardware are possible thanks to Bluetooth. There are no plastic parts in the entire machine; the frame is aluminum, and the plunger bar is titanium.
  • Two-year warranty, followed by affordable repair services afterward. We fully stand behind our machines.

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