Dan Kubin

We are thrilled to have Dan Kubin on our team working with us on various collaborative projects. It is an honor to represent his brand, to sell his machines and parts, as well as build his licensed models. Dan's goals and quality match the Workhorse ethos, providing the best tools to the craft of tattooing. Here is a brief intro from Dan's website:

"The DK goal is to provide the highest quality tattoo machines on the market. Dan’s machines are as beautiful as they are functional. All DK machines are created in the United States. Each machine is hand assembled, packaged, and shipped to you.

Dan spent 10 years serving in the US Marine Corps and Air Force. First as a small arms technician, then as an aircraft welder and machinist. These skills together with his background in art and tattooing allow for the creation of amazing machines that are highly functional, dynamic, and elegant.

Dan continues to maintain a private tattoo studio where he tattoos 1 to 2 times a week. He enjoys tattooing and uses this time to continue innovating for the next new machine he is working on.

We hope you find that these machines help you to love your craft and make your tattooing even better."

V3R and V3/23 Sidewinders are engineered, designed, and tested by Dan, milled in his most trusted machine shop in Kansas City, then built by DK certified trained technicians at the Workhorse facility in Michigan. All other models are built by Dan and his team in Kansas City. V3/23s go through rigorous QC checks and are all ran through our testing machine to lightly break in. One year warranty on all models. V3R and V3/23 are serviced by Workhorse, all others are serviced by Dan or one of his certified technicians found on his website.