Workhorse Irons

BLACK FRIDAY Aaron Cain Bottle Opener Shader - Black x Black

Precio habitual $400.00 USD Precio de oferta $300.00 USD

*BLACK FRIDAY Special Edition run at special pricing! Murdered Out Black on Black on Black Bottle Openers setup to run quick and zippy for smaller groupings!

Aaron Cain Bottle Opener Specs:

- CNC Cut Iron Frames
- Blackout Finish
- Deluxe Workhorse Blackened Hardware
- 1.25" 8 Wrap Custom Black Gaffers Coils
- Medium Speed, Long Stroke, Medium Hit
- Running 105-110 Hz @ 6.5 V unloaded
- Pushing 5's to 9's with ease, turn up for 11's
- Weighs 6.45 Ounces

And yes, it does actually open bottles :)