Workhorse Irons

Custom SOBA Whipper Snapper Shader

Precio habitual $540.00 USD

*NEW Product Alert🚨Something new and a bit different from @sobaone! After years of brainstorming, engineering, and testing, SOBA has created and dialed in a rear spring alternative for coil machines! Consistent and strong, these machines are very versatile with a large range and require little to no maintenance or repair. 💥

Custom SOBA Whipper Snapper Shader!

  • CNC Precision Cut Ductile Iron Frame
  • New Wire Rear Spring with no Spring Shelf eliminating rear spring breaks and reducing machine maintenance
  • Swing Gate Vise with and Internal Spring for ease of use
  • Custom Candy Blue Powder Coat Finish
  • Custom Deluxe Blackened Hardware
  • Custom SOBA Skull Contact
  • Deluxe 1.125" 8 Wrap Custom coils
  • Medium Spreed with a Solid Hit and Long Stroke
  • Great for Medium to Large Sized Groupings
  • Pushing 5's to 11's easy, turn up a little for 13-15's
  • Spring Clamp setup makes these machines very versatile, this batch is setup for bigger stuff, but they can be adjusted for smaller quicker work or even color packing as well
  • Running 110 Hz @ 6.5 V Unloaded
  • Weighs 6.8 oz

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