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Limited Workhorse 2 lb Brass Hammer

Precio habitual $295.00 USD

Limited Workhorse Hammers

This is a special edition run of custom mini sledge hammers we ran as year end gifts for our team of Workhorse builders. We ran a handful of extra hammers in case any issues arose with the builder gifts, but they all came out great and we decided to offer them to anyone interested. Only difference between these and the builder hammers is the exclusion of the builder names/logos on the handle.

We have lots of work into these and they are quite limited so we had to price them high. From milling custom heads, sanding, torching, and lasering handles, to antiquing, buffing, and clear coating....this project was fun but also very time consuming and involved.

These are heavy duty, fully functional, and will get the job done. They also look great on display hanging in your work station just in case the need for it's use arises.


  • Solid Brass Head with WHI Milled on both sides
  • Antiqued, Sanded, Buffed, and Clear Coated to Maintain Head Finish
  • Hand Sanded, Lasered, Torched, and Lightly Clear Coated Hickory Hard Wood Handle
  • Overall Length is about 12 Inches
  • Head is about 1.5" x 1.5" x 3.5"
  • 2 Pound Mini Sledge Head, 2.5 Pound Overall Weight
  • Made in the USA


*Workhorse disclaims and excludes all liability for any use or misuse resulting in consequential, incidental, direct, indirect, or any other damage or injury to self or to others.