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Dan Kubin MCi - Black

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NEW Dan Kubin MCi (Mini Cranker with Impact)!

Step up your tattoo game with the new DK MCi – a plug-and-play remastered version of Dan's Mini Cranker from 2011. Updated and refined, it's designed for precision and ease of use, whether you're using a needle on bar or cartridges. With its wide range of versatility and solid hit, it's a must-have for any tattoo artist.


  • Steel Frame with durable Black Oxide Finish
  • Weighted Brass Armature
  • Deluxe Kubin Components including DK Thumbs and updated Slide Vise

Setup / Usage:

  • Works well with Standard Needle on Bar AND with Cartridges
  • Possible to run with Cartridges without any adjustment or tricks, but if you pull your rubber band over the armature it will increase the snap at the tip
  • This machine is cartridge friendly, but best to use lower tension cartridges if going that route. (Workhorse Eco Carts and Non Membrane Carts work well with these machines)
  • Great for Lining and Shading with small to medium groupings, turn voltage up and down for speed and hit adjustment as needed
  • Higher voltage between 5 - 7 Volts for most Lining
  • Lower Voltage between 3.5 - 5 Volts for most Shading, Color Packing, and Stipple Work
  • Polarity is not crucial, but will run slightly more efficiently with Positive Down
  • The impact screw can be backed off all the way, but ideal to still have a little impact to reduce motor shaft strain
  • Turning the impact screw in too much will result in stalling the machine or putting too much strain on the motor.  
  • Ideal impact is about 1/4-1/2 turn clockwise from the point of zero impact. 

Use and Care:

  • Please refer to the MCi setup video on my YouTube channel for further clarification - See Link Below
  • After a few years, the bearings may dry up. You may use A SINGLE DROP of sewing machine oil on the bearings.  DO NOT FILL THE MOTOR WITH OIL!!
  • Keep sterilants away from all moving and electrical components!
  • Sterilants are corrosive and will damage your machine if used carelessly.


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