Workhorse Irons

Limited Seth Ciferri Cholomatic Liner V1 Chopped - Medium Grouping

Precio habitual $400.00 USD

Limited Chopped Seth Ciferri Cholomatic™ Liner

- Iron Chopped Cholomatic™ Liner Frame with HD Red Powder Coat Finish
- Bolt-on Brass Swing Gate Vise
- Antiqued Brass Deluxe Ciferri Hardware
- 1.25" 8 Wrap Workhorse Coils
- Limited Batch of Hard Hitting Medium Speed Cholos (Standard Cholomatic is setup as a Single Needle machine)
- Running 130 Hz @ 6 V Unloaded
- Best Pushing 5's to 14's
- Well Balanced 7 Ounce Weight

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