Workhorse Irons

Revestimiento eléctrico Mike Pike Clipper

Precio habitual $355.00 USD

Revestimiento eléctrico Mike Pike Clipper

- Construido y ajustado específicamente para trabajos de revestimiento de grupos grandes
- Marco de cortadora de hierro fundido
- Lijado a mano y limpiado con un acabado de pintura en polvo negro HD
- Herrajes negros de lujo
- Soba Power A-bar de 0,50" de ancho
- Bobinas de cinta negra de 1.125" y 6 vueltas
- Velocidad lenta con un golpe fuerte
- Empujando 7's a 18's Easy
- Funcionando 115-120Hz @ 6.5 V Descargado
- Pesa 8 onzas

*Para aquellos que se estén preguntando, los Clippers ahora son creados por Mike Pike como parte del retiro parcial de máquinas de SOBA. La misma calidad, cuidado y rendimiento que siempre ha tenido el Clipper, recién construido por otro de nuestros constructores altamente calificados.

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Brad Dunkeson

I Love mikes machines. You just can’t beat a well built coil . The service was exceptional I received the machines a lot sooner than expected. I appreciate that workhorse irons is keeping the magic alive in tattooing.

Great machine-not so great factory tuning.

It is a nicely balanced, hard hitting machine made with exceptional parts. The tuning out of the box however, was puzzling. It was tuned with a 2 mm stroke and completely gutless hit short of ten volts. Not a huge deal, I bent the springs properly and tweaked it up to where I presume it is meant to be.
Maybe it was assembled on a Friday and the dude just wanted to get to Miller time. Either way, all is good.

Sorry for the trouble. The dude building and tuning it would have been Pike himself, not sure if something happened to the machine in transit or what could have been the problem. Definitely not some factory person tuning it on a Friday though. Glad you got it to a place that works well for you and sorry again for the trouble.