Workhorse Irons

Transatlántico Seth Ciferri Belmont

Precio habitual $355.00 USD
Transatlántico Seth Ciferri Belmont

- Marco de revestimiento Belmont de corte CNC
- Tornillo de banco desplegable Seth Ciferri que permite más espacio
- Acabado de zinc negro.
- Hardware de caballo de batalla ennegrecido
- Bobinas Workhorse de 1" y 8 vueltas
- Velocidad media lenta
- El delineador más impactante de Seth
- Funcionamiento 125-130 Hz a 6 V sin carga
- Empujando de 7 a 18 todo el día
- Pesa 6.98 onzas

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Danny Mendez

This was the first machine I purchased years ago and to this day is the only one I use for lining ANYTHING. Fine line illustrative, Dotwork, Sacred Geometry all the way up to Traditional/Tribal power lines. This machine literally can do it all. I enjoy the Belmont so much I purchased a second one. Out of the box strictly to push 9's to 18's. I tuned my first one to be a little faster and with a shorter stroke to push smaller groupings. Did I need to do that? Absolutely not, but the fact that this machine is so versatile anything is a possibility. In the description it says 6V unloaded. I run the machine (My first one/ daily driver) between 5-5.5V loaded pushing 1-7 liners all day! Never needed to crank the voltage past 6.5 even to push an 18 liner. Durability, its a tank. I broke only one back spring out of thousands of tattoos in 8 years. I highly recommend buying extra Seth's proprietary Medium Liner spring set for those " Just in case" moments. Especially long ass sessions pushing larger groupings. All in all, Seth's Belmont liner is literally a true Thoroughbred.

Billie Jean
Great liner, hits hard.

Ever heat up a knife and touch some butter with it? This machine is that, smooth, light and gets the job done!

Annabelle Lien
Favourite Liner

I have tried so many different machines in the last three years, but to me Seths machines are one of the best i ever used.

Chris Lockamy
Daily driver

This machine is my daily driver! Couldn't ask for a better machine! I love this machine so much I'm going to buy the matching shader so I have the set!