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Good Judy Compostable Tattoo Machine Bag

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Eco-responsible clip cord sleeves (100) and machine bags (100) sample pack that are biodegradable / compostable on land AND sea (...or any body of water).

This is a test product we're looking to bring to the tattoo market pending your feedback. PVA was invented in the 1920s by German Scientists, and has mostly been used in medical, embroidery, garment and personal applications since the 1960s, for products such as medicine capsules and laundry detergent pods. PVA bags are widely used in hospitals for laundry bags - the soluble bags help prevent cross contamination from soiled laundry. The PVA bag traps the microorganisms inside and since the medical worker doesn't have to open the bag it reduces the risk of transmission because it can be placed directly into a hospital washing machine. The tensile strength of the bag will only begin to be compromised if it is drenched or submerged in water.


  • Raw Materials: PVA, Starch, Glycerin and Water
  • Clip Cord Sleeve: 5.1cm (2 inches) wide x 61cm (24 inches) long
  • Machine Bag: 10.5cm (4 inches) wide x 13cm (5 inches) long
  • 25¬†microns thick¬†
  • Eco responsible printing (EEQ tested)



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Good for the environment bad if you have an adjustable stroke machine