Mike Giant

Bio - Birth, upstate New York, 1971.  Drawing.  Cycling.  New Mexico, 1979.  Heavy Metal.  Skateboarding.  Punk rock.  Hip-hop.  First job: McDonald’s.  Scotland, England, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, USSR.  Honors graduate, 1989.  Thailand.  Architecture student at University of New Mexico.  Dishwashing jobs.  Raves.  Lorelei.  Stop eating meat.  First tattoo.  Think Skateboards, SF, 1993.  Dharma.  Angi.  London, 1998.  Adult bookstore employee.  Computer animation job.  Start tattooing.  First tattoo shop job:  East Side Inc, NYC, 1999.  Newskool Tattoo, San Jose.  The Skullz Press founded, 2000.  Everlasting Tattoo.  Track bikes.  Brooke and Leia.  Tattoo 13, Oakland, 2002.  Plum Village, France.  Stay Gold Tattoo founded, Albuquerque.  REBEL8 founded, 2003.  Manifestations book.  Australia.  Eternal book.  Megan.  El Salvador.  Amsterdam, 2008.  Skullz Press store, SF, 2009.  Los Angeles, 2013.  Boulder, 2014.  Lauren.  Motorcycling.  Right here.  Right now.