Seth Ciferri

i'm seth ciferri
and i've been building tattoo machines for professional tattooers since 1994

in 1993 i began tattooing and started messing with my machines shortly thereafter. one thing led to another, and soon i was building and tuning machines for my friends, co-workers and peers. focusing on the technical aspects of tattooing naturally led me to a thorough exploration of it's mechanics. early in my career, i was fortunate to meet some greatly influential artists and builders, who helped shape my overall approach to tattooing and machine building. Aaron Cain, Clay Decker, Danny Dringenberg, Mike Malone (RIP), Chris "Pee Wee" Levi, Matt Rinks, BJ Johnson, Brady Duncan, and my brother Adam Ciferri were among my earliest influences and continue to be among those i look to for inspiration, on many levels. tattooing has taken me from my hometown of Baltimore, Maryland, quite literally, across the world and back, to my current home of Portland, Oregon.

many thanks for the support, 
seth ciferri