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SOBA Bolo Liner

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New SOBA Bolo Liner!!

"I’m very stoked to share my new @workhorseirons production model with you all! The one piece BOLO machine is now available!!
I combined the geometry of my Bolo braze-up. Streamlined it. The machine shop at Workhorse NAILED it!
These will come standard as you see here. Swing gate tube vise for all the tubes. The textured eggshell finish is the color of Irish tea and is complimented by polished up phenolics, olive green gaffers and brass hardware.
These are finely tuned. With no load most of them run in the 140hz range. At 6 volts you will get smooth medium to fine lines- think 05 and 08 microns. At 7.5 they will bury a straight 9- think brand new sharpie."

Enjoy, BJ (Sobaone)

- CNC Cut Ductile Iron Frame
- Drilled Out and Lightened Upright
- Swing Gate Vise with and Internal Spring for ease of use
- Custom Eggshell Tan Powder Coat Finish
- Custom Deluxe Antiqued Brass Hardware
- Deluxe 1" 8 Wrap Olive Gaffers T-Top Coils with Polished Phenolics
- Medium Spreed with a Solid Hit
- Great for Smaller to Medium Sized Groupings
- Pushing 3's to 9's easy, turn up a little for 11's
- Running 140-145 Hz @ 6.5 V Unloaded
- Weighs 6.8 oz

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Customer Reviews

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Jason Alan
Precision liner

I’ve been using this liner for a few months now and it puts in opaque, uniform linework. This is a small, light, and strong machine, helping me be efficient and quick with single pass quality. Working great with both tight and traditional groupings.