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Limited Nickel SOBA Lovebird Cartridge Liner

Regular price $500.00 USD

SOBA Lovebird Cartridge Liner - Nickel Plated

SOBA IS BACK! After his one year 2020 Sobbatical, BJ is back building a limited amount of custom coil machines, working on new production, and now making rotary machines!

New Lovebird Cartridge Rotary! Built with a minimalist design approach, coupled with functionality and dependability, these rotary machines are plug and play ready to tattoo all day every day right out of the box. Lightweight Aluminum frame, built-in drive bar, clip cord set up, high end motor, 4mm stroke, highly functional pinch vise, and well balanced.

Some words from SOBA himself on this machine:

"The #LoveBirdLiner is my first rotary machine! It was designed to be a good outlining machine for cartridge needles. Aluminum body- only 3.3 ounces! Fixed drive bar with 4mm fixed stroke.

I have noticed that most rotaries for cartridge needles are trying to be a “one machine that does it all” and I understand why that is desirable. However- one machine really can’t do it all, if you want to do it right. Different needle configurations perform differently and we get better results using machines BUILT ON PURPOSE. We get better results when we use the proper tools for the job.

I was not happy with all the machines I own as far as their performance with cartridge liners, so I decided to make one. This is a direct drive rotary machine with all the pieces in places for the purpose of making quality outlines. It was really fun to design and the body shape allows for some really fun laser engraving opportunities. I hope you all think it’s neat. Cheers to another 20 years of making devices for the purpose making tattoos. Thank you all for your support and encouragement!!! 💚🙏🏼💚"

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