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Joshua Bowers High-Jack

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Joshua Bowers High-Jack

The High-Jack attaches to your workstation magnetically and plugs in to the "machine" port on your power supply effectively moving your clipcord jack 5 feet into the air. This is the ideal position for your clipcord to hang from to keep it off the floor and free from rubbing, tugging, and snagging as you work.

  • No more rolling over your cord with your chair
  • Keep your cord off the floor
  • Reduces the weight hanging off the back of the machine
  • Reduces tugs and snags as you tattoo
  • Extends the life of your clipcord

A few words from Joshua about The High-Jack:

"The High-Jack is a product I developed to make my clipcord drape and move more easily. The High-Jack magnetically attaches to your work station and plugs in to the Machine port on your power supply. Your clip cord then plugs in to the High-Jack, effectively lifting the clipcord jack 5 feet in to the air. This allows the cord to drape naturally from above you, doesn’t rub on the floor, doesn’t snag across your lap and it takes weight off of the back of the machine easing hand fatigue greatly.

I have been using this product for over a year now, along with the rest of my shop. We were originally just testing them out but I speak for me and the rest of the shop when I say that we can’t imagine tattooing without them now."