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Limited Palleon Panther x Gold Mike Pike PMA Direct Drive Rotary

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New Mike Pike PMA Direct Drive Rotary!

After a couple years of minor tweaks and lots of testing, the new Mike Pike Direct Drive Rotary is finally ready! Not necessarily a reinvention of the wheel, but applying his years of knowledge tattooing and building rotary machines, Pike dialed in these Direct Drives and simply made a great running Rotary.

Built using only the finest components to produce a great all around direct drive that is smooth running, consistent, and rock solid for years of trouble free use. Made with powerful high end motors, an adjustable Cam to accommodate any stroke, vertical swing gate vise guarantee to grip tubes with no issue, and top of the line aluminum that is both lightweight and strong enough to stand the test of time.

- Limited Edition Run of Palleon Panther Powdered Coated Aluminum Frames PLUS 24k Gold Plated Motor Cap, Swing Gate Vise, and Hardware.
-High-grade Aluminum body precision milled frames and components
- Powered by a top of the line Maxon motor described by Mike Pike to be the "best motor he has ever used in a rotary"
- Comfortable and well balanced with a vertical swing gate tube vice that will bite and hold all disposable and stainless tubes
- Adjustable Brass Cam with PMA reference marks to help keep track of stroke settings and adjustments. Simply loosen the cam set screw, pull out the inner cam and insert it back in at either a shorter or longer setting to change the stroke quick and easy
- Pushes up to 25 mag and up to 18 Rounds no problem, Needle on Bar or Cartridges
- Runs best anywhere between 5 and 10 volts depending on what you are pushing and how you are tattooing
- Lightweight weighing in at a mere 4.5 oz
- Clipcord Connection

Made with love in the USA by Mike Pike and his 40+ years of experience tattooing and building machines.

Thanks and enjoy,
Mike Pike