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New Limited Destroy Troy Franklin Liner - Palleon Panther White

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New Limited Destroy Troy Franklin Liner!

After years of discussing, chipping away, and working on this project; Destroy Troy has resurrected Marv Lerning's Franklin tattoo machine and made it his own! Some serious frame adjustments altering the vise and moving the weight forward over the hand, multiple tweaks and updates, they are now dialed in and ready. Very smooth running, extremely well balanced, and sturdy, these forward weighted machines are finely tuned and built for years of trouble free use.


  • Precision Machined Iron Frame
  • Over-sized Vise designed to keep more weight over your hand to help balance the pull of your clipcord and reduce hand fatigue
  • Highly Versatile Vise that can be used with a Left or Right Handed setup!
  • 24k Gold Plated Destroy Troy Warp Drive Cray Bar
  • Custom Hand Wound Coils, 9 Wrap Front and 7 Wrap Rear
  • Custom Palleon Panther White Powder Coat
  • Deluxe 24k Gold Plated Hardware plus pure Silver Contact
  • Specialty Stainless Steel Springs that will not corrode


  • Medium Speed with a Solid Hit
  • Running  around 130-135 Hz Unloaded at 6.5V
  • Great for use with 5s to 11s, turn up for 14s
  • 7.5 oz Forward Weighted Machine
  • Made in the USA