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ROVER R-1 Designed for Dan Kubin - Musotoku Battery Pack

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This wireless battery was designed in collaboration with Dan Kubin. It has been specially crafted to harness the full potential of Dan Kubin machines.

What’s New

The most remarkable difference with the normal ROVER R-1 is that this model works down to 2.5V for precise works.
The second most important change has been made to the NITRO jumpstart that now it is configurable (on/off), so you can configure it to activate it or not.
The jumpstart now is also Adaptive, which means that it gradually decreases the speed of the jumpstart as the machine voltage decreases. This enhances the startup feel while respecting the motor speed regime.Best of all! This Model is 100% compatible with the rest of tattoo machines that work from 5 to 12V. You can use normally in your pen machines if you want.

Replaceable Cells

The ROVER R-1 is powered by easily replaceable Li-ion batteries, ensuring non-stop tattoing with spare batteries always ready to keep you focused on your work.
Simply put: when you need a recharge, swap in a fresh battery and keep working.


We’ve focused on what matters to you most:
  • Consistent power regardless of battery percentage
  • Compact size
  • Durable connectors, and
  • our iconic aerospace-grade aluminum design. All with simplicity in mind.
And of course, travel hassle-free with Rover’s removable battery, approved for air travel.


  • 2.5V to 12V voltage output adjustable in 0.1V
  • NITRO pulse Configurable and Adaptive for Dan Kubin machines
  • Power Level: Always maintained without decreasing no matter what’s the battery percentage
  • Health Monitoring: >1,000 checks/sec to ensure that your tattoo machine is running smoothly
  • Size: 30 x 69 mm (1.18 x 2.7 in)
  • Weight: 72 gr (2.5 oz) with battery
  • Connectors: Amphenol Armoured model, gold-plated finishing
  • Display: OLED 0.49 inch
  • Battery: Standard Li-ion 1835 Flat
  • Battery pack comes with 2 batteries and a charger that can charge either both at a time or one at a time