Workhorse Irons

SOBA Pilot Shader

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SOBA IS BACK! After his 2020 Sobbatical, BJ is back building a limited amount of custom coil machines, working on new production, and now making rotary machines!

SOBA Cast Iron Pilot Liners and Shaders:

After 20+ years of production, numerous machining updates and tuning tweaks, these are the longest running models we sell. With long forgiving geometry, these machines are the tried, true, and consistent Workhorses of tattooing. Built to last a lifetime with little muss or fuss. Great for apprentices figuring out the basics, as well as veterans looking for the feel and performance of an all around solid coil machine.

Shader Specs:
- Sand Cast Ductile Iron Frame
- Workhorse Red Oxide Finish
- Standard Workhorse Hardware
- 8 Wrap 1.25" Production Coils
- Long Frame Machine with a Long Stroke and Slow Hard Punch
- Great All Around Shader
- Pushes thick powder based pigments with ease
- Running 95-100Hz @6.5 Volts Unloaded
- Pushes 5-11 Mags Easy
- Weighing in at 7.95oz