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Workhorse Needle and Tube Sample Pack

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New Workhorse Needle and Tube Sample Packs! For the fedw of you out there that have not tried our Tubes and Needles, here is your chance to sample them without committing to a full box.

Each sample pack comes with a 2 mags, 2 Rounds, plus the corresponding Tubes. Available as either a Small/Medium Grouping sample pack or Medium/Large Grouping sample pack.

Workhorse Needles

We are proud to release these new, high quality textured Workhorse needles. We have been working towards this for quite some time now and we are very happy with the quality of these needles, we are certain these new needles vastly outperform any pre-made we have offered in the past.

Better consistency, better configuration, and more quality checks in production, ensuring a much higher quality needle guaranteed to work well for every tattoo. Plus unlike most needles available, ours are made with lead free solder in proper working environments.

  • High Quality #12 Needles on all Traditional
  • Loose groupings / #10 Bugpin on all groupings listed as Tight

Workhorse Disposable Tubes

We have been producing our High Quality Workhorse Disposable Tubes for about 7 years now and work closely with the plastic molding company to ensure consistency and overall product quality. Basically tubes that are the right size with proper plastic that doesn't snap or vibrate too much.

  • Custom Design with Ergonomic Feel
  • 1.125" Olive Green Soft Grip
  • High Density Rubber overlaying Silicone that is molded onto the tube, no slipping/spinning
  • Clear Tubes and Tips to easily view ink and needles
  • Available as Rounds, Diamonds, or Mags - Box of 20 Disposable Tubes
  • Individually packaged in blister packs and sterilized by Ethylene Oxide Gas

These Tubes are as solid as they come...they are highly durable, feel great in the hand, and fit tubes better then any other disposables on the market.

As with all of our products that we offer, these needles are designed by tattoo artists for tattoo artists....they are not the typical overproduced chinese shit needles the other suppliers carry.

Better tools make better tattoos.