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Saniderm Tattoo Adhesive Film is a flexible, breathable, protective layer that allows for your tattoo to heal properly, while simultaneously eliminating the need to constantly avoid water, apply lotions, etc. With Saniderm, your client can go about her/his usual routine and still expect to have a sharp, vibrant, and fully healed tattoo. 

Tips for Saniderm Tattoo Aftercare

- For maximum comfort, ensure skin is in a neutral position when applying Saniderm. When applying to elbows and knees, the joint should be in a neutral position — neither straight nor completely bent.
- Shave, shave, shave. Peeling Saniderm off of hair is unpleasant. Shave the entire area, plus an additional inch all the way around the site of the tattoo.
- Practice before you apply. If it's your first time using Saniderm, it may be a little tricky to work with. It doesn't hurt to practice with a small section first, just make sure you shave the area.
- When cutting the bandage for application, remember that rounded corners provide the best adhesion.
- It's okay, when using multiple Saniderm bandages, to overlap them by 1/2 inch (1 cm).
- If using a glycerin soap, such as green soap, be sure to rinse thoroughly, as any residue will react with the adhesives and can cause binding and irritation. Avoid loofahs or scratchy wash cloths.

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