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Disposable Paper Barrier Products

Regular price $28.00 USD
Grouping Price Inventory Quanity
Pillowcase 21"x30" (Case of 100) $28.00 USD Available
Drape Sheet 40"x48" (Case of 100) $35.00 USD Sold Out
Drape Sheet 40"x60" (Case of 100) $42.00 USD Available
Drape Sheet 40"x90" (Case of 50) $28.00 USD Available
Lap Cloth 13"x18" (Case of 500) $26.00 USD Available
Black Lap Cloths 13"x18" $30.00 USD Available
Disposable Paper Barrier Products

Use these disposable sheets for client cover-ups, table cover-ups, or as equipment drape sheets. The embossed texture offers more comfort to the patient. The sheets and lap cloths are opaque light blue for more privacy when draping. Disposable, they decrease the risks of contamination from one patient to another and eliminate laundering costs. Made with soft tissue/poly, poly backing, these offer economical strength and fluid holdout.

Each option comes in the following full case sizing:
- Pillowcase 21x30 = Case of 100
- Drape Sheet 40x48 = Case of 100
- Drape Sheet 40x60 = Case of 100
- Drape Sheet 40x90 = Case of 50
- Lap Cloth 13x18 = Case of 500

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