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Good Judy Compostable Large Black Garbage Bags

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Eco-responsible 90L / 24gal compostable garbage bags.

If industrially composted (aka put in your green bin), this bag biodegrades within 90 days.

If sent to a landfill or placed in a home compost, this bag biodegrades approximately in 9 months only leaving CO2 and water behind. Time lines for these uncontrolled environments are a rough approximation because of the variation in environmental conditions.


  • Material: PLA + PBAT
  • 90L / 24gal
  • 76cm x 83cm or 30" x 33"
  • 12 bags per roll
  • 20 Microns thick


  • 100% compostable
  • Home, Landfill & Industrial compostable


PLA is the common name for Polylactic Acid or Polyactide. it is 100% compostable and fully renewable. It can be converted back to monomer and polymer or it can biodegrade into water, carbon dioxide and organic materials. PLA is much more sustainable than petroleum plastic. PLA is made from starch rich plants such as corn, wheat and sugar beets. These plants are first milled to separate the starch, from which is unrefined dextrose is processed. The unrefined dextrose goes through a fermentation process and the result is lactic acid.

The tested PBAT polymer is a fossil-based, biodegradable polymer, which is used amongst others for the production of biodegradable, certified compostable bio-waste bags (according to EN 13432) or biodegradable in soil certified mulch films (according to EN 17033).

Our bags are a combination of PLA and PBAT bio-plastic.


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