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Seth Ciferri Modern Classic Liner

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Seth Ciferri Modern Classic Liner!

After many years, Seth has given his Classic Liner and Shader some major updates, reworking the entire frame and geometry to create this Modern Classic. With sculpted curves, various subtractions and additions, these aluminum frames are done right so there is no extra twang or vibration. Leaving the user with a highly functional, lightweight, forward balanced machine, easy on the wrist and appealing to the eyes. An all around Workhorse with a modern touch.

Technical Specs:

  • Lightweight CNC Cut Aluminum Frame
  • Highly Durable, Oxidation Resistant Anodized Finish
  • Deluxe Blackened Steel Hardware, including Pinch Tightening Front Binder and Inlaid Steel Rear Binder for a Better Connection
  • Side Facing Guillotine Vise, great for use with Disposable and Steel Tubes
  • Inlaid 1/4" Iron Coil Yoke for Better Performance and Less Vibration
  • 1" 8 Wrap T-top Coils
  • Medium Quick Speed with a Solid Hit
  • Running 140-145 Hz at 6V Unloaded
  • Pushing 3's to 11's No Problem
  • Weighing in at a mere 5.5 ounces!
  • As always, MADE IN THE USA

Here are a few words from Seth on the evolution of his "Classic":

In 2003, when BJ and I founded Workhorse Irons, we each had one model available! The frame style I chose was based on what we've come to know as the Coleman style frame, popularized by Paul Rogers, and many who came after, recognizing the versatility and functionality of it's geometry. With a few simple adjustments, just about any type of liner or shader can be set up with relative ease. We called it the Classic, in acknowledgment of it's well-established lineage.
As thousands of the "Classic" liners and shaders made their way into the hands of tattooers; beginning, established, and everywhere in between, we've been given incredible amounts of feedback about what you have come to desire in an everyday workhorse. Over the years, we've employed a handful of different materials for these machines, mostly cast iron, with some limited editions in brass, aluminum, 3 piece "pre-fab" frames in steel, and eventually CNC machined blocks of "10-00" iron.
Rather than aiming to produce a machine that adheres to the aesthetic and expectations of old-school tattooing, this time we've addressed numerous shortcomings of the average "iron", and have designed a pair of machines with the intent of making them a pleasure to use. Clipcord position and simple vise operation became priorities. If the clipcord can't maintain a solid connection while you work, then your job becomes tedious and annoying. If your vise can't hold any tube, or requires the use of extra tools to get them in and out of the machine, then you're wasting valuable time and energy that could be spent making money.
We wanted to create a tool that's lightweight and balanced, yet rigid and strong enough to stay tuned. With an extra-deep pocket for an extra-thick steel yoke, and a drop vise, we've worked around the issue of frame height dictating which tubes are long enough to accommodate standard length needles, and we've placed enough ferrous mass under your magnets to keep them fired up on low voltage, hitting as hard as you want, all day.
Aluminum frames tend to wear at the connections, so we've added a steel insert for long-lasting and dependable clipcord contact. (again, that connection is so important!) To ensure proper alignment, we've added a recessed channel in the spring shelf, and a mated steel cover that sits flush with the front edge, as well as the top.
These aren't tricks, but deliberate updates, each made with the tattooer in mind. The Modern Classic is designed for comfort and dependability, and is suitable for use with virtually any grouping. Start off on low voltage, then dial up as you see fit to get the saturation you're after, at the hand-speed you choose.
-Seth C.

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Customer Reviews

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Ciferri liners and shaders are powerhouse tools and they never disappoint. Smooth straight out the box never needs anything aside from minor adjustments. Beautiful piece of machinery.

Robbie Y.
Great Machine

I can’t say enough good things about this machine. This thing It has been my everyday liner for the past two years and is a very smooth, powerful, consistent machine. And will push any needle grouping I’ve put it in it. I’m gonna buy another one just so I have a backup. Do yourself a favor and get this machine.