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Mike Pike Clipper Power Liner

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Mike Pike Clipper Power Liner

- Built and Tuned Specifically for Large Grouping Liner Work
- Cast Navy Brass Clipper Frame
- Hand Sanded and Cleaned up Raw Brass Finish
- Deluxe Black and Antiqued Hardware
- Soba 0.50" Wide Power A-bar
- 1.125" 6 Wrap Black Tape Coils
- Slow Speed with a Heavy Hit
- Pushing 7's to 18's Easy
- Running 120-125Hz @ 6.5 V Unloaded
- Weighs 8 oz

*For those that might be wondering, Clippers are now built by Mike Pike as part of SOBA's partial machine retirement! Same quality, care, and performance the Clipper has always possessed, just built by another one of our highly qualified builders.

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