Workhorse Irons

Adam Ciferri Ghost Dog Liner V2

Regular price $300.00 USD

Adam Ciferri Ghost Dog Liner

  • Tuned for all-day, every-day street shop and/or custom tattooing
  •  Medium speed with enough hit to push 3's to 11's no problem
  • Runs 135-140 Hz @ 6.5 Volts Unloaded
  • CNC Cut Iron with the highest precision and care
  • Now a Mid-Size frame with 1.125" 10 Wrap Coils
  • Standard Workhorse Red Oxide Finish
  • Standard Workhorse Hardware
  • Weighs 5.7 oz

A few words from Adam about this machine:
"The Ghost Dog Liner is set up to make solid single pass outlines with ease. Weighing in at a mere 5.7 ounces, this is a machine that punches way above it's weight class. Perfect for tattooers who like the weight of a rotary machine but prefer the feel and performance of a coil machine"
-Respectfully, Adam C.

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