Workhorse Irons

Seth Ciferri Springs

Regular price $6.00 USD
Grouping Price Inventory Quanity
Liner $6.00 USD Available
Liner Medium $6.00 USD Available
Shader Short Rear $6.00 USD Available
Shader Long Front $6.00 USD Sold Out
20 Gauge Short Rear $6.00 USD Available
Stainess Steel Forked Rear $8.50 USD Available
Liner Medium Stainless Steel Forked Rear $8.50 USD Available
Stainless Steel Liner $9.00 USD Available
Narrow Stainless Steel Rear Liner $8.50 USD Available
Each Spring Set Includes: Fully punched front spring and rear spring

20 Gauge Liner Short Rear- Classic Liner, OG Micro Jones Liner, Modern Classic Liner

Liner - Fastback Liner, Kung Fu Grip Owen Liner

Liner Medium - Weiner Dog Liner V2.0, Weiner Dog Liner V2.1, Belmont Liner, Chopped Micro Jones Liner, Micro Jones Liner

Shader Long Front - Kung Fu Grip Owen Shader, Fastback Shader

Shader Short Rear - Weiner Dog Shader V2.0, Weiner Dog Shader 2.1, Classic Shader, Modern Classic Shader, Micro Jones Shader

Stainless Steel Liner Forked Rear- Seth Ciferri Mini Fastback Liner

Liner Medium Stainless Steel Forked Rear- Belmont, Weiner Dog Liner (2.0, 2.1,2.2), and Micro Jones Liner

Stainless Steel Liner- Supreme Liners

Narrow Stainless Steel Rear Liner- Doorbell Liners

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