Workhorse Irons

Contact Screws

Regular price $7.00 USD
Grouping Price Inventory Quanity
Short Knurled Copper (0.75") $7.00 USD Available
Knurled Copper (1.00") $7.00 USD Available
Deluxe Copper with Hole (1.00") $8.00 USD Available
Large Knurled Copper (1.00") $8.00 USD Available
Flat Head Silicon (1.00") $5.00 USD Available
Silver Contact (0.95") $17.00 USD Sold Out

All of our Contact Screws are now available! Precision made in house from the highest quality materials with a trade standard 8-32 thread to fit all of our binders. Options are as follow, listed as they appear in the picture left to right:

  • Short Knurled Copper Contact
  • Knurled Copper Contact Screw
  • Deluxe Copper Contact with Hole to easily adjust with a needle bar
  • Large Knurled Copper Contact
  • Silicon Bronze Flat Head Contact
  • Silver Contact Screw

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I love this company. I can get exact parts for my build-yourself-kit machines and I know they’re quality. Prices on parts are reasonable as can be, and I’ve been nothing but happy with my machines.