Workhorse Irons

Limited Deluxe BRASS Pilot Kit

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Deluxe Pilot Kit - NOW IN BRASS

Kit includes all parts needed to build a nice tattoo does not however include the skills to build a nice tattoo machine, sorry.

- Cast BRASS Pilot Frame
- Raw Brass Finish on Frame
- Workhorse Blackened Hardware
- Armature Bar
- Steel binding posts and standard contact screw
- 2 Spring Sets with each kit
- 1.125" 6 Wrap Workhorse Coils for Liners or 1.125" 8 Wrap for Shaders, plus Capacitor Kit
- All Screws you'll need
- Washer Package including all washers needed... (steel, fiber, and shims)

*Picture is of the liner kit, the shader kit will come with appropriate hardware, coils and springs.

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