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Adam Ciferri Cast Iron Bulldog Shader

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Adam Ciferri Cast Iron Bulldog Shader Specs:
- Tuned for all-day, every-day street shop and/or custom tattooing
- Solid hit that easily pushes 5-15 Mag Groupings
- Runs 95-105Hz @ 6.5 Volts Unloaded
- Sand Cast Ductile Iron Frame
- Deluxe Blackened Textured Finish
- Blackened Workhorse Hardware
- 1.25" 8 Wrap Coils
- 8.5 ounce weight

A few words from Adam on his history with this machine:
"In 1996 I started making machines known as "Bulldogs" with Mike Malone, as the previous builder of this classic machine had ceased making them, and there was a void to be filled. The idea for this was mine, and I ran it by Mike. He had asked me to build shaders for him to re-sell, as he was happy building liners and didn't feel much of an affinity for building shaders.

So, we embarked on our plan to start re-making the shader known as "the bulldog" and it was to be a partnership. Our partnership, like so many, had some snags, and in our haste to get the project rolling, we never nailed down some key details of the partnership. Predictably, we both made some serious mistakes, both professionally, and privately, and these mistakes ultimately led to some interesting interpretations and speculations of what my role was in making this machine.

I do not claim to own anything surrounding this machine but my work and my word.
I have made this machine, continually for nearly 20 years, and intend to continue making this machine for as long as this demand dictates.

Thank you, Workhorse Irons, for making this project happen, thank you Mike Malone for the opportunity to have a part in the lineage of this machine, and thank you, Fellow Tattooers, who buy my machines and allow me to do what I love."
Respectfully, Adam C

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Nice shader! Packs in solid colors and whip shading is a breeze!